legal/tax services for hedge funds?

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  1. Are there legal/accounting firms that speciallize in rendering services to hedge funds??? Can anyone suggest any good ones?
    The reason I'm asking is b/c I have a feeling their prices will be lower than what other outfits are quoting me.
    What about taxation issues? Any firms that specialize in heldge fund taxation services?
    Thanks and good trading to you.
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    I just do the Schindler Fund's taxes myself and have a small local CPA firm do the annual audit. I'm in the Chicago area and would be happy to recommend the CPA.

    The Schindler Fund is a commodity pool and doesn't trade equities, so we have much simpler taxes than an equity hedge fund. Equity hedge funds have all the unrealized gain business and then with partners coming and going it gets pretty messy. I just use Turbotax for business for the partnership taxes.

    Thanks for the link, vladiator. I'm going to bookmark it. You never know when you'll need an attorney. :(
  3. Thanks, Aaron. Our taxes shouldn't be very messy. Our positions are very short term, so no unrealized stuff. I'm looking more for the legal side. E.g. we are thinking of creating a separate entity that would be the fund itself and our current LLC would be the holding one, owning the strategy and getting the fees etc... I'm looking for a legal firm that would be the go-to place whenever we have things that need legal assistance. The ones we are using now are not specializing in hedge fund stuff and are probably charging us a bit more than possible.
  4. Rothstein Kass (NY, NJ) specializes in hedge fund accounting
    Sadis & Goldberg (NYC) for hedge fund formation
  5. Thanks! :)
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    More on the taxation issue, but it says there also attorneys on the staff, and the site gives a good first overview of traders' taxation and entity setups, with some material on hedge funds too.
  7. Great stuff. Thanks! Very close to what I was hoping to find, both cost wise and service wise.
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