Legal Expert Dershowitz Tells Beck: Zimmerman Charges ‘Unethical’ and ‘About Politics

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  2. "He noted that, per the core principles of America’s justice system, it is better to “err on the side of acquitting the possibly guilty” rather than err on the side of “convicting the possibly innocent.”

    From your link op. Did George Zimmerman think when he follow Trayvon? Did he think the "core principles of America's justice system" "of convicting the possibly innocent"? Did George Zimmerman believe y understand this system and he is loyal to the American justice system, or George Zimmerman is make his own justice in HIS MIND , to judge, to say guilty, to follow with hate?
  4. Is George Zimmerman think in HIS MIND he is the judge? Is George Zimmerman think he is super hero IN HIS MIND? Is George Zimmerman paranoid and protected all his life from the mistake he make to assault police officer, to protected from charges of the violence domestic to his girlfriend, to protected from his violence to throw the girl y break her ankle when he is security guard for party?
    His father LIE and bring the religion and bible to say his son George is always "turn the other cheek" if violence happen. His father say he never know about George and the violence. ???