Legal case against God dismissed

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  1. Legal case against God dismissed
    God on a cloud in a 18th century depiction
    The plaintiff argued an omniscient God would know of the lawsuit

    A US judge has thrown out a case against God, ruling that because the defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served.

    The suit was launched by Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers, who said he might appeal against the ruling.

    He sought a permanent injunction to prevent the "death, destruction and terrorisation" caused by God.

    Judge Marlon Polk said in his ruling that a plaintiff must have access to the defendant for a case to proceed.

    "Given that this court finds that there can never be service effectuated on the named defendant this action will be dismissed with prejudice," Judge Polk wrote in his ruling.

    Mr Chambers cannot refile the suit but may appeal.

    'God knows everything'

    Mr Chambers sued God last year. He said God had threatened him and the people of Nebraska and had inflicted "widespread death, destruction and terrorisation of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants".

    He said he would carefully consider Judge Polk's ruling before deciding whether to appeal.

    The court, Mr Chambers said, had acknowledged the existence of God and "a consequence of that acknowledgement is a recognition of God's omniscience".

    "Since God knows everything," he reasoned, "God has notice of this lawsuit."

    Mr Chambers, a state senator for 38 years, said he filed the suit to make the point that "anyone can sue anyone else, even God".
  2. I think I would take an indirect approach to sue God. First, you need to show damage's. This is easily proven when you file an insurance claim and the claim is refused because it is an act of God. Then sue the insurance company to prove God's existence.
  3. wtg!
  4. An extraordinary and unexpected natural event, such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, or even the sudden death of a person. An act of God may be a defense against liability for injuries or damages; insurance policies often exempt coverage for damage caused by acts of God. Under the law of contracts, an act of God often serves as a valid excuse if one of the parties to the contract is unable to fulfill his or her duties -- for instance, completing a construction project on time.;jsessionid=FF68EE29642F084D3D000C90401CA33E.jvm1

    No where in that legal definition is there a requirement for proof of God's existence...
  5. Not yet.
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    God has a lot to answer for and the courts let him off on a technicality. Typical.
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    I would not want to fool with God - did you see what happened in the Indiana Jones movie when the bad guys looked into the ark of the covenant.

    What if God accepted service and appeared. Who would be his counsel. How would he or she be paid.

    If God took the stand to whom would he make an oath?

    Besides since God already knows the outcome, if he does appear you know he is going to win.