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Discussion in 'Politics' started by trade555, Jul 26, 2002.

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  1. I am a prop trader at one of the larger firm's. Today I had a big loss of 10k on an overnight position I was told not to do yesterday. This morning my boss came to me in a wild rage screaming and yelling. I told him to shut up and he lost it, he hit me in the face and now I have a black eye. What I want to know is what type of a lawyer should I consult to sue him.
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    Yesterday you told us all that you quit your firm. So if you were there today and got hit, you were probably trespassing and he had every right to hit you! You have no recourse.
  3. forget the need a psychologist.....and army of pyschologists..
  4. I want to sue. No one should ever be beaten by there boss. I am the victim I have rights and want that SOB to pay me every penny I deserve.
  5. Assuming you are not joking, you need to proceed to the nearest emergency room. If you are going to win any kind of suit at all, you first need to prove that you sustained injury. Then take pictures...Then call a lawyer.
  6. Wow, I have been on both sides of such things (never violence, words only). Violating rules (especially if they were specific the day before) is a real problem. The firm may even have recourse against you for the losses.

    However...anybody in a managerial or "owner" capacity who resorted to actual blows must have some sort of anger problem, and should be dealt with.

    This is a very unfortunate thing, I hope you can get past it.

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    I would be outraged if anyone hit me, let alone my boss. Were there any witnesses?
  8. There is my blood all over my computer screen and I have 20 traders that witnessed me getting hit. I also am filing a police report.
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    found the post....i guess you WERE trespassing:

    Oh, and I almost were telling us how big (physically) you were (over 6 feet, blah blah blah). How did you let this guy beat up on you???
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