Leftist media in full apology/excuse making

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  1. Every day we see younger and cute pics of the terrorist. Every day we see more hand wringing of people trying to understand why. Every day the stories are more and more sympathetic to the killers. Meanwhile, by comparison, we don't see much about the kid that was blown to pieces Gee, is there an agenda here? The left really is getting over the top pathetic in all of this.
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    Perhaps you're fearful that if we understand the perps' psychological histories we'll not punish them (well, him). I wouldn't worry about it.
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    They're "Trayvonning" him :D :D
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    "Don't Trayvon me, bro"
  5. I really don't care about his psych history. There's nothing new to learn. He's a radical Islamisc terrorist. We already know what that is about. We already know those that follow radical Islamic teachings are extremely violent and ruthtless killers of innocent men, women and children, even their own. We already know there's nothing to negotiate with them.
    What he deserves is a SPEEDY, and fair trial. Should he be found guilty, he should be quite unceremoniously executed. Instead we will see a show trial which will last for years, and plenty of leftist hand wringing during the entire spectacle.
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    + 1000
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    So why'd you read it?
  8. You were the one who brought up his psych issues. I couldn't care less. My first post was directed towards the leftist media and their complete inability to deal with radical Islam in any other way than trying to make excuses, and painting an ever more sympathic picture of the killer. Curious they don't seem to do that unless it fits a particular political idealogy.
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    I brought it up because that is what the piece is about. But let's say you didn't read the piece, only the title, "Special Report: The radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev". I fail to see the controversy there.
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    There's no way you could have learned that from the MSM. I know I haven't heard them mention it (though in all honesyt, I don't watch any of them). I haven't see RIT mentioned at any of the lib news sights, though. I have, however, seen the word "religion" used in regard to the bombers, but nothing specific.
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