Leftist garbage AP plays race card..

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  1. Democrats use the race card to stifle free speech and debate. If Democrats lose just a fraction of black votes they will never win anything. They have to keep the fires of racism burning. Those are the fundamentals of journalism nowadays.


    I like the blacks that have woken up, given up the Jessee Jackson lawsuit thingy and gotten good jobs and go to work every day and keep their nose to the grindstone same as everybody else....
  2. If it wasn't for racism, the republican party would hardly exist.:D
  3. You are correct. Abe Lincoln who was the first republician was nominatied to solve the slavery issue.

    The racism of the southern democrats first enslaved blacks for 75 years then for the next 100 years the democrats fought to keep them as second class citizens.
  4. The racist democrats switched parties after the civil rights laws were enacted and you know it.
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    I was unaware that Grand Dragon Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was a Republican. Thank you for correcting my error.
  6. Which is racist?

    Voting for someone because of his color.

    Voting against someone because of his color.
  7. worthless thread.
  8. You're suppose to say "Uncle"
  9. Uncle. :D
  10. This is the kind of article that even honest liberals can see as media bias. I know it is labeled "analysis", but that is dishonest as well. It is an Obama talking point. Clearly obama wants to shut off discussion of his decades long relationship with Ayers and Ayer's wife, both unrepentant terrorists. So they somehow link it with racism. What's next? Criticism of Obama's tax plan is racist as well?

    The left is very worried about what will crawl out from under the Ayers rock. This is their way of saying anyone who gets into it will be targeted for their full scale character assasination.
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