LED monitors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stumpzy, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. stumpzy


    searched a bit found some older threads, but now that they have been out for a bit at reasonable prices...anybody trade using LED backlit monitors?

    power usage and heat are both nice features, but i am mainly interested in the difference of ccfl vs led on your eyes.

    still looking for decent write-ups or reviews, but first hand experience greatly appreciated.
  2. pkts


    I'd be very interested in this too. Only anecdotal info i can offer is my friend has a macbook and a macbook pro (the macbook is a ccfl screen) and they couldn't tell a difference except the quality on the pro's screen being better.

    I've heard that ccfl is toward the blue (cool white) end of the spectrum and that that is bad for your eyes and body since its closer to UV. Perhaps not good to stare into it for 8 hours a day? But its just rumors, no hard science. I do know that my eyes first started getting worse when i bought my first laptop.

    Don't know how much better LEDs would be, aren't they the same color temperature. Perhaps the lack of flicker would help?