LED monitors?? which to use

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  1. I am building a new trade station. Doing about 10 monitors but can't find the monitors to use.

    I'm looking for likely a 24 to 27 inch LED monitor THAT IS MOUNTABLE with the four holes on the back.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A thin, small frame would be preferred.

    Thanks in advance!!!!!
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  3. Who would have 10 monitors doing 3D? Seriously! Spending $300 extra for the 3D capability... on all 10 monitors?

    From my experience I can tell you that if you have 10 monitors side-by-side to set up your trading station, 27-inch each will be too big. You will hate it.

    If you do 10 mons side-by-side, pick the smallest, highest resolution model and still cost effective.

    I use a few Acer S211HL bd 21.5-Inch LED backlit monitor. Resolution 1920x1080. They are light, bright, small bezel, VESA mount, pack together well. $130 each on Amazon:


    Use them in a tight grid is good. Buying 10 of them you are just spending $1300 total instead of $4500.
  4. I think he was joking about the 3D monitors. That would give me a headache.

    I am leaning toward the Asus 27" LED. My plan is to put three side by side flipped vertically with two horizontal along the top. Doing that twice on two stands.

    Thanks for all the help. Keep the ideas coming!!
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    Acer's good here.
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    Listen to Boli.
  7. Some LED monitors are not really LED... the bottom line is contrast ratio. It is effectively proportional to how much strain it puts on your eyes. The higher, the better, and LED is the only method for having 1,000,000:1+ ratios, sometimes as high as 100,000,000:1. By comparison, a Dell IPS monitor from a couple years ago would be 1000:1. My AOC LCD's are 60:000:1.