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  1. Hits a 40 ft 3 at the end of the half and making passes that Magic would envy. That and the supporting cast is hitting on all cylinders. Will take the Hawks in 4. Looking forward to them
    destroying the classless Celtics. I haven't heard the name Auerbach used anywhere in connection with the coach of the year award, seems the media have forgotten it was named after him.
  2. Without Garnett Celtics may not make it past Kobe if they make it to the finals. Kobe deserves his solo (without Shaq) ring.
  3. Isn't that like saying Oprah deserves another billion. The Cavs or any Cleveland team hasn't won a championship since the Browns back before there were Super Bowls.
  4. In the absence of MJ you have to get the next best thing and between D Wade, Kobe and Lebron I like Kobe.
  5. Yea, I've had that discussion with family I've said Kobe is better but tonight LeBron was off the hook. Kobe is finessefull like a ballet dancer pure grace, LeBron is powerful like a football player and has some years to get even better. I generally like Kobes game to watch too like I used to like to watch Barry Sanders run ...entertaining, why anyone should like to watch sports.
  6. The NBA is a disgrace.

    Why would anyone watch a "sport" (LOL) where the referees decide who wins and loses?

    Saw on Sportcenter that Kobe blatantly elbowed some guy in the throat/head and the poor bastard gets called for the foul!!!

    Then today the NBA announces a "flagrant foul" on Kobe? WTF?

    Nice fucking league.
  7. You do have a point. Preferential treatment is an American pasttime from when I worked at the clinic and sports figures and poiticians went to the front of the line to everything ...dismaying.
  8. The NBA is the biggest joke in sports.

    Apparently, the refs called 61 fouls, but when the team intentionally fouled with a few seconds left, the refs decided not to call it.



    Anyone who wastes time or money watching/supporting the NBA is a moron.
  9. I don't consider myself a complete moron but what happened to Dallas last night just makes you want to scream. I do intend to go back out into the world and tell everyone I talk to that I think NBA refs are incompetent and make the game a farce. I've believed that for years anyway, since Lakers vs Celtics championships, I still watch it with reservations on that point. Its strange in a game where physical contact or not is so open to interpretation, leaving so wide a margin for calling or not calling a foul there'd have to be enough fertile grounds for either incompetency or corruption. The NBA does deserve to be dragged through the mud way more than is prevalent. The winners don't seem to care how they win though and the losers are just ....jealous. Seems theres a cultural economic metaphor in there somewhere.
  10. MAGIC should change their slogan to "we find creative ways of losing in the play offs"
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