LeBron to Miami

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    current intrade

    miami 62 bid 65 offer

    cleveland 27 bid 29 offer

    knicks 10.3 bid 10.4 offer
  2. Holy smokes! If Lebron goes to Miami and Bosh and Wade are already there, might as well take the next season off. The bulls 72 wins season will be very much in jeopardy.
  3. More is being made of it than it deserves. Media creating its own demand, sort of like how so many excuses for music make it to multiple platinum. They tell us what we want.
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    You lose Brady Quinn, and now this.

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  7. Cleveland is the doormat of professional sports. This LeBron thing doesn't even compare with the Indians parade as if it were a
    farm club for the rest of the league -- Bell, CC, Tomay etc etc. But then America specializes in doormats, somebody loses so somebody can win, somebody's got to get their bags and clean their shit; its revolving doors halved. Did I mention Modell? Always feel worse for the losers than euphoric for the winners. Can't blame LeBron though.
  8. Chicago was never a "contender"? Were they even offered at one-tick? :confused: :D
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