Lebron James

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  1. So much hype.

    Is he the real deal or Kwame Brown II (ouch, maybe that's a bit harsh)?
  2. No idea, never seen him play. But I wouldn't be so quick to write off Kwame. He has awesome physical skills, by far the quickest first step in the league for his size, an erratic jumper and seems to have difficulty focusing. Jermaine O'Neal and T-Mac didn't exactly tear the league up their first couple of years either. Kwame has been caught up in the Jordan soap opera, plus has had the misfortune of daily interaction with anal retentive coach Doug Collins, who has demonstrated clearly why he was run out of Detroit. In retrospect, the Wizards would have been better off if they had kept Gar Heard as coach and avoided the expensive disasters of Leonard Hamilton and Collins. A new coach and an up tempo style of play could turn Kwame into an all star.
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    I saw him play a little on espn and he's got game...obviously way over hyped, but my boy's got size and game.....dont know how much of a threat he will be though.....peace

    nontheless nike and addidas are tearing each other apart to get this guy under contract and it looks like a whopper ...$50mill
  4. He is compared to Magic, because he thinks pass first. Looks like he had a great realtionship with the other inferior high school players too, which indicates he is a team player rather than a selfish man on a mission just to score and break records.

    Give him 3 years.