Lebron James is garbage- why is he silent on this?

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  1. All liberals, democrats, hippies...are complete hypocrites, and one-sided.
    They like to present this flowery case for their cause, while being blind and self-destructive at the same time.

    I respected black people before that bogus BLM movement arose. That culture is statistically inferior.
    I'm not being racists, I'm just calling reality for what it is.
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    It appears the victim or his friends started things by shooting gel-filled beads from a toy gun at the basketball players who murdered him.
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    Posting in Sports NY_Hood?

    Living dangerously eh?
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    Someone soft got my previous post pulled? {edit: didn't notice at first this is a different thread. One racist themed thread was not enough.}

    Here is what stepmother of the 17yr old victim had to say:-

    “Everyone keeps asking what they can do to help so here it is: Please share this post with the hopes that someone will speak up and help us find who did this."

    No racist chit, just please help.
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  5. James is garbage. Old news.

    As for the incident, dont know much about it, but anyone with 1/2 a brain would stay 1000 miles from that school
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    Describe yourself.
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    In a topic titled with the line LeBron ... why is he silent on this? is a linked story where he does make a statement. FLMAO
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    I respected white people before this thread. But this thread shows they unintelligent and illiterate. I’m not being racist. I’m just calling reality for what it is.
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    Nope, nothing racist about that statement. ROFL! Let's see, take a small sample of shit heads, and project that to an entire group of people. Hmmm, why does that sound familiar, and just so much like a racist statement, but apparently it is not. Again ROFL!
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