LeBeouf turns $20k into $650k during the making of Wall st 2

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  1. I want him to be investigated for insider trading
  2. Hillary Clinton seemed to pull it off as well.

    These celebrities just seem to have a natural gift for it.:D
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    HA right!

    A guy who didn't know anything about stocks opens up an account with 20k and turns it into $650k. Trading from his cell phone? Come on, I guess talking to all those insiders he got a few good tips that he made his money on or this is just fake article to hype the movie up. Would be nice to see his track record from start to end.
  4. Exactly! I'm sure the trading from his cell phone came 2 minutes after he got a call from Soros saying "Sell it now, that stock is about to go under!"
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    This is routine if you have ever walked into a schwab office in Encino with 20k

    Search for him on Jimmy Kimmel on youtube, he talks about it a little and is being asked to manage money. He also repeats what his broker told him word for word it seems, and then is lauded for being smart.
  6. The easy way to do this:
    Keep depositing money after the initial 20k deposit. Voila! 650k!!!!!!
  7. When I was a broker for a large FCM a colleague told me they used to clear her trades. Very often she would get filled at literally the best tick of the day (pork belly / cattle futures).

    It's pretty obvious she was unfairly given the best fills, as payment for something shady.
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    He paid 20k for the acting lessons and they paid him 650k to star.
  9. if he made that kind of money on the street is was fees from letting guys #$%%#$ him in the @#$
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