Lebanon is just a pawn

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sputdr, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. It's sad watching Lebanon be destroyed and innocents killed all for the advancement of Iran and Syria and it looks like it's working.

    Do you think the muslims will ever be able to figure this out or are they too far gone?
  2. Now the Palestinians are attacking a UN post.
  3. This should be in the "politics and religion" forum.
  4. Alex Jones.....

    lesson over....
  5. Well now for the real news.

    Israel is getting their ass kicked. There is more here than meets the eye. was Israel and Boy King plotting this all along? Was Israel looking for a reason for the season when 2 soldiers were captured? We all know soldiers are just pawns on a bigger game.

    Was the plan for Israel to go in and mop up the Hez etc like we usa was to mop up IRAQ? GEE, that did not go so well for the US in Iraq now did it? OK, so here we are playing the same stupid game alkl over again. This time Israel is the fool, how many times most the more powerful technically superior attacker get their ass whopped by thinking they can destroy a guerilla force with modern weapons? (short of glazing over the whole battlefield)

    I mean look back at Viet Nam, the USA lost 55k and ended up only building a memorial to the fallen. Look back to Iraq, well not yet, LOL, the pentagon apparently learned nothing from nam in how to fight a guerilla war. That is why i suspect Israel is taking orders from rummy butt at the pentagon. israel is making the same mistake, is the plan for Israel to take over lebanon so the USA can use that place as a jumping off for invasion of Syria etc?

    i mean did we not think Israel was smarter than following BOY KING around with their nose up his and Rummies butt.

    something is fishy. :eek:
  6. Yes of course, Rumsfeld, Rove and Halliburton must be pulling the strings and you have to figure Dick Cheney in there somewhere as well.

    It can't possibly have to do with the truth of what really happened could it? It has to go far deeper than the truth, there has to be a conspiracy somewhere.

    You guys on the left have completely lost your minds.

  7. But at least us lefties have a mind. We are not numbed by FOX and terror cards. Tell the truth, Just how much does the truth hurt?

    Must hurt a lot since it is so hard to face. LOL

    Do you hang with losing trades as much as hanging with loser chickenhawks? :D

    PS, sputdr is right about one thing though. Dick Cheney surely is involved, sometimes the right deserves recognition when correct. LOL