Lebanon: "Fath al-islam" or lies from the illegal Lebanese government?

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  1. Lebanon: "Fatah al-islam" or lies from the illegal Lebanese government?

    Sunday morning, internal Lebanese security forces found their way to a building in Tripoli to apprehend men said to be committing a bank robbery. It apparently turned out that "Fatah al-islam" militiamen were in the building, surrounded by Lebanese security forces. Suddenly, hell broke loose. Fateh-al-islam and security forces found themselves engaged in a gun battle. A short while later, outposts of the Lebanese army, situated around the camp, were assaulted by Fatah-al-islam, and about 20 soldiers were killed.

    The Lebanese army was then mobilised and dispatched to the camp, which they attacked, with numerous victims as result: 8 Palestinians civilians killed and twenty or so killed without talking about members of Fateh-al-islam. On the side of the Lebanese army, 31 soldiers fell during the two days of clashes.

    Several questions remain unanwered, among them, those asked at the council of ministers monday at Beirut: the commander of the army had asked the responsables of the internal security forces why the army had not been informed about the security operation going on in Tripoli. The army had been caught of guard, which multiplied its losses. How can a local security operation related to a bank robbery degenerate in a shelling of a Palestinian refugee camp?

    The Lebanese government and its spokepersons hastened to accuse Syria, considering that Fath al-islam is an organisation formed by the Syrian intelligence apparatus. The objective of Syria would be, according to them, to counter the international tribunal on the assasination of prime minister Hariri. Since over a year, this group has no explanation for what is happening in the country, except hackneyed phrases so sterile that they would wear the entire world out, except of course the responsables and defenders of the illegal Lebanese government.

    But those who know the situation in the Palestinian camps of northern Lebanon and the one of Nahr al-Bared in particular know very well that the Lebanese government lies: It lies about Fatah al-islam, it lies about the operation it set in motion, it lies about the true causes of the clashes.

    Fatah al-islam is not a Palestinian organisation. If it has been originally formed as a result of a pro-Syrian scission of Fatah, that doesn't mean that the Palestinians of Nahr al-Bared don't know of which the group is made up: essentially of Lebanese, and also of other Arab nationalities : Saudis, Algerians, Moroccans, Jordanians, Yemenites, Egyptions.

    About the financement of the group, the Palestinians of Lebanon and Lebanese know that it has been financed until very recently by the son of Hariri himself, or by his hateful advisors for two reasons: To limit the audience of Hizbullah in the Palestinian camps, an audience under the influence of a wide range of Palestinian organisations, by creating a religious Sunni group to compete with Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, and also to form a Sunni group that would be willing to launch a war of fratricide between the Sunni and Shiite. Fatah al-islam has been financed and encouraged since its appearance in the end of 2006, to install itself in the camp of Nahr al-Bared.

    If the Lebanese government had decided to bring about this operation, by making intervene the army, caught off guard, it is first and foremost to to cover up for the true murderers who plague Lebanon and who, since some moths, commit attacks, the last one being the deadly attacks in the town of Ayn Alaq. As a result, all crimes are put on the bill of Fatah-al-islam, a group no one can defend, not on Palestinian level nor on Lebanese level. Fatah-al-islam became, because of these recent hostilities, the group that should be responsible for all the evil deeds that take place in Lebanon, a true scapegoat. From this inflexible
    standpoint, the responsables of the Illegal Lebanese government accuse Fatah-al-islam of being responsible for the latest attacks in Beyrouth, without offering an proof. But this accusation pleases the whole world...

    Today, the Lebanese groups in the government talk and claim escalation, but escalation against who? They talk about Fatah al-islam, but at the same time bring up the question of the armament of Palestinian refugees. It's here where Welsh comes in.

    The Lebanese government and the groups that support it require from the Palestinian organisations a clear position vis-à-vis Fatah al-islam, while the latter is not even a Palestinian group! The Lebanese government wants that the Palestinian groups confront this group themselves, for the army to cease the shellings, that's to say in some sort: make sure that clashes that place in the interior of the camp and not between the army and Fateh al-islam.

    By involving the Lebanese army in a confrontation that isn't its responsibility, the Lebanese government wants the army to go back to a role of repression rather than the role wanted by the National Resistance, notably by Hizbullah, the one of resistance against Israel.

    By facing Fatah al-islam, do the government and its political supporters believe to fight against Syria, like they pretend to do, while that country is completely unrelated to Fatah al-islam? They provoke in reality the Palestinian presence in the camps, because beyond the presence of Fatah al-islam in the camp, there are Palestinian organisations who are targetted, both armed and civilian.

    The American plan executed by the political forces of the illegal Lebanese government aim to give rise to security problems in order to justify the setting up of international supervision in Lebanon, aiming in the first place the presence of the armed National Resistance. Having failed to get Hizbullah involved in internal clashes, it's by the Palestininan presence that the government forces counts on putting the American plan in effect.

    Once again, Palestinians of Lebanon are victims of a criminal plan executed by the illegal government of Lebanon that got the army involved. In reality, the Fateh al-islam group, completely isolated of the Palestinians of Nahr al-Bared, has been used and manipulated by the Lebanese government to put their own affairs in order.

    The Palestinian organisations present in Lebanon, although having clearly denounced Fatah al-islam and its actions, although having clearly denounced the killing of Lebanese soldiers, can no longer continue to support the actions of this army nor of this government, because it's no longer a matter of defense, but the execution of a plan aiming to liquidate their presence and the presence of the Palestinian cause in Lebanon in general.

    The "battle" currently fought against the camp of Nahr al-Bared is starting to look like a civil war: On one side, populist support for an army that assumes no longer the role of defender of Lebanon, and on the other side, the Palestinians, the Palestinian organisations and the forces of the Lebanese resistance, who try at all costs to stop the slaughter and to settle the presence of Fatah al-islam without making the civilian population pay the price.

    Hizbullah and other opposition parties have denounced, since the start, the implication of the army in this confrontation. They try, with Palestinian organisations, to put an end to this shameful war. Bahiyya al-Hairir, sister of the late Rafik Hariri ,distanced from her familly because of her nationalist positions, has longly negotiated with her cousin about permitting aid to be send to the Palestinians inside the camp of Nahr-al-Bared. The opposition parties try to sepetate Fateh al-islam, brought in existence by the government, from the Palestinian camps full of civilians, something currently refused by Sanioura Joumblatt, Hariri and their consorts, who require of the Palestinian organisations that they take on Fateh al-islam themselves, with the disastrous consequences for the Palestinians that this would lead to.

    Source: Article written by Rim al-Khatib, appeared in Assawra Wednesday, 23 May 2007, translated by Nabuchodonosor.
  2. The United States is working with Lebanon to attack a concentration camp of poor Palestinians with nowhere to hide, claiming there are 100 Al Qaeda among the 30,000 poor people there. 15,000 have fled, but boys and men are not allowed to escape. The final genocide may not be too far away as U.S. weapons keep arriving for the Lebanese Army to use in their possible extermination.

    Frank Weltner comments, 27 May 2007.
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