Lebanese President Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorus Bombs

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  1. Lebanese President Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorus Bombs
  2. He then said another startling statistic, that 30% of all the casualties are dying. And this was an extremely high casualty rate, far higher than anything they saw during the Lebanese Civil War, meaning that of every one hit, 30% of the people are dying outright. And I asked him why, and he said that it's because the Israelis are using these bombs that can penetrate through bomb shelters, that there’s been so many refugees seeking shelter in basements or in bomb shelters, and the Israelis are bombing the bomb shelters. Warplanes are bombing the bomb shelters where refugees are hiding. And also there was such a disproportionate number of children being killed and wounded, because children, he said, were the least able to really escape when the bombings began. Children were the least able to really effectively run away and get to safety themselves.

    While we were talking, he said that it was actually confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior in Lebanon that the minister himself did confirm that the Israelis have dropped white phosphorus in Southern Lebanon, and interestingly, just before I had gone to this hospital, I was at a refugee camp in a city park in downtown Beirut, and I interviewed an old man, a 76-year-old baker, who had told me that they fled Nabatiya down in Southern Lebanon, which is the city where it is suspected that this white phosphorus has been used and where it was confirmed by the Minister of the Interior, and this old man told me that they left because when the bombings there began -- this was within the first few days of the attack, within the first week, that is, I’m sorry -- that he left because his family was so afraid, because nearby where they lived, homes were being bombed, and inside the buildings and outside the buildings, they were glowing, as he described it. He said, “There were fires, that -- of course, we know what regular fire looks like, but this was not that -- that the buildings were glowing. We were all very afraid. We didn't want to get anywhere near it. And they kept bombing, and so we decided to leave.”

    Bombing the bomb shelters!!

    Couldn't confront Hizbullah fighters so the cowards decided to take it on civilians and children.

    Where is the so called honest brokers to rain down on this cowardly criminal and illegal entity!
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    I really want to know if the second paragraph is the world's longest run-on sentence of nonsense ever written?
  4. Lebanese authorities are presently investigating reports that Israel has also used phosphorous munitions in its attacks. Acting Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat told The Daily Star his ministry is collaborating with experts to "conduct investigations into the matter," but said no concrete findings were available yet. Health Minister Mohammad Khalifa also said his ministry has been conducting tests on samples from bomb sites reported to have been hit by phosphorous ordnance, but "so far, nothing has been made official."

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