Leaving TDA to consolidate to one broker

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    Hi, new guy here with a first post. I have spent the last few months reading and learning.

    I am leaving TDA after a trial run and will return those funds back to my main broker. I am considering opening a second account with them instead of adding it back to an existing account so I can separate my speculative trades vs conservative investments. I am curious if other traders separate accounts for trading strategies or just co-mingle into one account. Both accounts will be adequately funded so it is more about separating them for specific trading goals or just keeping one account for everything.

    I appreciate any ideas from anyone that has done this or is thinking about this.

    Thank you,
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    If it helps you to separate these strategies, we can offer Master/Sub accounts to US based clients. The Master account holds cash and you can have two trading account - one for each strategy. The advantage of this set up is they share margin and you get one monthly statement and one 1099. Yet, you will be able to track P/L independently. I personally would not do this but I understand why some would.
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    Do they share margin because of portfolio margin setup? In the past I have always had multiple brokerage accounts however what I am considering now is simply 2 accounts at the same brokerage... which I believe is what you propose at your firm. I likely won't leave my broker but I do appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks you.
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    A master/sub with one master and 2 subs would share the same buying power.
    If you open two independent accounts , they will not.
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    gotcha... thanks for the explanation.