Leaving IB - where to go??

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  1. I have been with IB for a few years. The service, and fills are getting worse and worse. I need to be able to call into a trade desk and talk to a real rep. The platform and fills are killing me lately im missing out on good trades. Im mostly equities with some options every now and then.

    Any thoughts on what firms I should head over to and check out? I have been with IB for a while so I'm not sure who has what i really need.

    Im not looking for a schwab or etrade. i need a real trading firm. short book would be important. I am retail and want to keep it that way, i like knowing my cash is SIPC just in case. Any ideas or thoughts would be a real help.


  2. also, i need pure DMA i dont want my orders matched off internally. The system should be pretty customizable and execution quality is essential. as well as cost but im pretty active so that shouldnt be a problem from what i am seeing

    thanks for any help you can give me. i see some options out there but am not sure which way to go.
  3. Occam


    For the record, this post on ET has a large list of pro and semi-pro brokerages, some of which are no longer in business:

  4. TDameritrade would do a job.
  5. I am more of an intraday trader. i dont usually hold overnights. TD at 8 bucks a trade isnt going to cut it. i need a per share pricing structure. i do about 2 million a month in volume. cant make $$ at a TD on a per trade rate like that. Not the way i trade. im not looking for a schwab or TD or one of those types of brokers, i need something with real quality execution and a good short book. those places are mostly all fluff. so far i have come accross trade station, mb, and lightspeed
  6. try speedtrader
  7. hitnrun


    lightspeed retail broker
  8. speed trader uses DAS right? ive heard mixed reviews about that software. i dont know much about lightspeed i will check them out. does anyone use them? let me know what you think if you do. i looked at a few others today as well. eliminated MB.
  9. I don't trade equities but I hear that Trade Station is worth a careful look.
  10. what do you trade? trade station is who i was going to look at next. and probably lightspeed too. is trade station for more automated trading and program trading?

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