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  1. Is it true that when someone wants to terminate there account with Andover, they now have to wait like 6 months to a year to get there money out? I heard that this was an added clause in the ASSENT papework that many people overlooked? could this be true?
  2. Why don't you ask an Andover/Assent officer, instead of subtly bashing them on this internet forum?
  3. Im talking about a PROP Account by the way
  4. B/c if you really cant withdraw --and i already signed my paper work when i transfered to assent, i dont want to give indication that im leaving--if i know that i wont be able to get my money out--i know an other way that i would be able to do it...but for it to work they cant know that im aout to leave.

  5. Sigh......

    YOU do not have an account at Andover......ASS. has an Account at Andover......You gave your money to Ass....They are a ltd. partnership that commingles your $$$ with other investors $$.....They decide when and where you get your "distribution".....This is why I don't like hedge funds but they are a necessary evil....and you probably signed paperwork indicating this.
  6. I assume you don't have $ at Assent. Otherwise, you can call your GSP and ask him if this is enforced.
  7. If this is of interest to you I left Andover 2 months ago and then joined them again after 3 weeks and had to wait for my money for 2 days. To be exact I am talking about Lynx.
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    Does anyone know what is in the paper work in regards to getting back your deposit after you leave? How long can they withhold it from you?

  9. If they do not like someone's face they will not give that face any money at all.

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