Leave it up to Libtards to protest at the lighting of the torch for the Olympics

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    Perhaps one of the last great unifying events in the world where the whole world can get together, and be at peace with each other, during a time where hostility among many nations is at a level we havent seen in years, Liberals decide they dont like this and should protest the olympics, with the intent of of disrupting the image of unity among all people in the world.

    "Alissa Westergard-Thorpe of the organizing group - the Olympic Resistance Network - said the day's events were successful because "we certainly disrupted the imagery" of the games."


    The stupidity and hatred of Liberals is disgusting and almost incompresensible.
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    Gabfly is that you?

  3. their description sounds more like the tea party crowd in this country.
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  5. Lucrum, is that you (and your extended family)?

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    Is anybody surprised? Anybody?


    Typical libtards.
  8. why do you call them "libtards"? they have a different opinion than you, does that make them unconditionally wrong, or worse "liberal retards"? Actually studies have shown quite the opposite, that liberals on avg have a higher IQ. as do VEGANS :D
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    I'm guessing because of people like you.

    "Summarizing from above, two things are seen: 1) Republicans have higher IQs than Democrats do, while white Republicans and white Democrats have similar IQs; and 2) Liberals and conservatives have similar IQs, while white liberals have higher IQs than white conservatives do. This results from the fact that although they proxy fairly well for one another, "conservative" does not equal "Republican", nor "liberal" equal "Democrat".

    So are self-described liberals from both parties more intelligent than their conservative co-partisans? No. Inline with the trend of those in the squishy middle being less intelligent than those on either end of the spectrum are, conservative Democrats are less intelligent than liberal Democrats are, and liberal Republicans are less intelligent than conservative Republicans are."

  10. stupid is as stupid does sir

    Now This is a Cause I can Get Behind!

    One man draped himself in a large black cloth with the words, "illegal anti-Olympic sign." Someone else wrote, "More arts funding means better protest signs"

    There was even an throwback soda advocate: "Bring back Crystal Pepsi."
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