Leave it to a stats familiar trader, ...

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    "Break out the Foil Beanies!!!!"

    Ferchrisakes. Can't we wait til the pieces of Nashville's 5G genius are collected up, before we inspire the next panty-pissing nimrod to go and blow hisowndamnse'f up? I mean, really???

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  3. I have seen this before. If he did the analysis correctly (my prior is that he did not, just based on how liberally he uses the word "correlation" - cue Inigo Montoya here), his primary claim (lack of entropy among the "U" voters) is probably due to some sort of dataset specific artifact. For example, it's possible that most U voters have registered more recently using a new computerized system and have less voting history (less history = less entropy).

    He is being very vague, either intentionally or out of incompetence (Hanlon's razor suggests the latter) so it's hard to consider this seriously. The fact that nobody reputable has even bothered to either debunk or reproduce his results is very telling, IMHO.
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    Easy big fella.
    How would you characterize a thumbnail sketch of his conclusion of the algo's schtick?
    Didn't he say that data is public domain available online?
    Has anyone located where?