Least indebted countries in the world. Pack your bags people!

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  1. Apart from being somewhat outdated, this amply demonstrates why just looking at govt debt/GDP is such a perilous exercise...
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    ummmm.... I'm going with Luxembourg. They have actual rule of law, the rest of those places... little iffy on a day to day basis maybe. Half of them you'd be paying taxes to the local mafia /tribal guys..
  3. Yep. Estonia is not so bad either.
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    I hear in Botswana they almost have indoor plumbing...
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    yep..how you are going to talk with them?
    on which language? :p
    good luck with Lithuania too. i've been there,when i was in army.
    they nationalists..worse than f* nazis
    imo debted or not USA is still the best place to live. most of the people here are nice and very friendly.
  6. Too early to make such an assumption Mg

    Sometimes it's not a lack of Ponzi economics that holds a country back... it's history. Though history too fades and something new ultimately emerges.

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    so it's not a total sh*thole, after all? :D
  8. LOL, half of those nations have little debt because their debt was forgiven or written-off after they failed to pay it!

    From the list, Chile is the most temperate and welcoming. And I already speak Spanish. I would rather stay home, but when inflation hits another 50% (as it already did 2003-present), hyperinflation will make the US dollar even less desirable. And Chilean girls are both cleaner and friendlier than domestic US feminist pigs. With superior oral hygeine, I might add. How do I know? Um, well, uh... :cool:

    Just transferred my trading accts to the Euro. Even after visiting the broker in London, it was scary, but it's getting better over time. Thank God I am largely out of the dollar.
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    did you realize that you are taking very substantial risks?
    if i must convert i would buy basket of currencies and buy some leveraged bull ETF to stay at least neutral.
    i'm playing with this on IB paper account. seems to be working without taking too much buying power
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