Leasing NinjaTrader8.net

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  1. Leasing out NinjaTrader8.net domain name
    Perfect for any indicator or strategy business

    contact via the website ( bottom right side button )
    don't pm
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    Question is, since NinjaTrader is Trademarked, will they sue you?
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  3. If you are offering a platform similar to theres that might confuse customers, probably yes

    Indicators and strategies as addons to NT8, probably not. A couple sites use Ninjatrader in there domain name
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    I think most people like me, when I see NinjaTrader8, I am thinking NinjaTrader owns whatever they are selling. And since you used word "probably", that is not 100%.

    If I was Tech Tools or one of the others, I'd buy the site and start selling their own software, bet that would piss Ninja people.
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  5. ninjatrader8.com is being used as a redirect to http://www.ninjastrategyforum.com/ and they have been up for 4 years already. NT doesn't own that site.

    Their trademark is specific-- http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4802:21vhj5.3.1

    addons, strategies, or indicators wouldn't infringe
    platform would
  6. website updated with content