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    Hi, I'm interested in leasing a CBOT membership for 2 months starting ASAP. I am doing about 100 RT a day on ZC (corn) and ZW (wheat). What type of membership should I lease? B1, B2, B3, B4, or B5? Where can I see a summary of the benefits of each type? Strangely I could not find this on the website.

  2. You need a full membership to trade ags -thats a B1.

    The website has a lot of info on it -if you can't find what you need then call up the CME and ask to be put through to Membership. I've found them to be helpful.
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  4. No.
    Well you can trade Ags with the others but you will be paying non-member rates.
  5. To get the discount on Ag futures, you need to lease a full membership. B2 only gives the discount to Ag options but not futures.
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    Where is a good place to lease seats from? Is there a better way than cold calling people on the CME website. For B1, Im happy to pay $1800/month as long as the paperwork is done fast and they help me explain what I need to do.
  7. In my experience the clearer takes care of everything. They just give me the contracts to sign. It's all standardized. I haven't ever really got involved in the process -just told my clearer what to do.
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    I'm using Interactive Brokers. Is the below IB sales contact incorrect? She is implying that the B-5 COM would suffice to get me 0.35/contract on ZC and ZW.

    I just got this message from them:

    The CME Membership group is best suited to answer questions relating to eligibility and qualifications, they can be reached directly at 312.435.3480. Details can also be found on their website: http://www.cmegroup.com/company/membership/

    With that said, IB supports many CME memberships but it is a good idea to confirm that we support the membership you are applying for. I saw a ticket you submitted internally regarding the CBOT B-5 COM membership which we do support. Also, your understanding of the CBOT fee schedule is correct, you would be charged $0.35/contract for ZC and ZW contracts. Also, regulatory fees ($0.02 per contract) would be waived with this membership.

    If you have any additional questions or want to inquire about other memberships we support, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  9. Yes they are wrong. Best you call the CME to clear this up for your own peace of mind.
    Just ask the simple question -the ladies at membership are friendly to deal with.
  10. IB customer service is utterly retarded and don't know shit imo. So you can trade Ag futures for the 30k seat? Why on earth would you need a full membership than. The COM membership is only options, but I'm not sure what options it allows you to do. Full membership is the only one that allows you to trade Ag futures at the discounted rate. From the CME site, B-1) Full Members:

    Trades: all financial and agricultural futures and options contracts
    Badge: Yellow
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