Lease or Buy.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ozzy, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Just wondering why people lease instead of buying? For example would it not be better to buy a seat on the CME instead of leasing? I'm not in the position to do such a thing just yet but I want to start gathering some information.

    Thanks in Advance.


    addtion: I'm guessing the seat price would increase year over year. Is this not the case?
  2. 1mm vs. 1500/mo, these are just guesses, that million aint no mortgage either, ie you need the cash.
  3. Leasing is, in my view, a much better and more cost-effective path... you never know, a priori, when your market is going to dry up...
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    I think the last seat sale was approx 370K. I think if you have an office with multiple traders than its the way to go. Any other comments regarding seats/leasing?


  5. Ozz.. If memory serves me right, you would need an IOM membership to trade the electronically traded globex products.
  6. lease is around $600 for the $375k seat

    for starters, I'd definately lease maybe half a year
    $3k ,
    if I make much more money, maybe $100k off that $3k, of course I'd go and buy the seats and making my commission even lower,

    but as always

    try before you buy
    $600 a month is spectacular to do just that :)
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    Lease before buy. But eventually I think buying a seat would be prudent.

  8. unless mkts went electronic. also the CME chart appears to have priced in a move.
  9. What are the exchange fees for leasing an IOM seat ?

  10. $ 650 per month.
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