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  1. I did some searching on this course and found two people who said they liked it and the course was good but that it's very long taking almost a year to complete. One said they didn't know if any of the graduates were making money using this technique.

    I'm very interested in learning Wyckoff's method but I'm not sure if this course is the best way. or if I should try to learn from a book (which one?). I don't mind a 9 month course if it's really good and will help me become a better trader.

    Anyone taken it? Anyone know more about it? If you learned this method let me know how you did it. :)
  2. You would be better served, no offense ET, to go over to traderslaboratory dot com. There is a plethora of information on price and volume and a forum dedicated to Wyckoff. The best thread I have ever seen on ET by db phoenix regarding price and volume was deleted by Baron. :mad:

    BTW I have not taken the course but am considering. You can probably ask Gassah at TL he has taken it and is helpful.

    I studied VSA and some other price volume related materials. Good luck :cool:
  3. Was the deletion on purpose?

    Why on earth would the owner delete a thread by one of the few users here who knew what he was talking about.


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    I agree this was a huge mistake to delete that thread.

    I suggest we petition Baron to put it back !!!

    This place is a joke.
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  8. I'm reading his book now. My first impression (I'm on page 78) is that it seems very academic. At one point he talks about having "no more than 15 indicators". I thought it was a book about Wycoff and price action.
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    I'm also still reading it. Just wanted to bring the book to your attention in case you didn't know it. I found the author interesting. An academic who considers predicting and timing based on technical analysis viable is still rather rare, as far as I know.
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    Just search for Day Trading Bible by Wyckoff. There are free electronic copies in many places. It will give you sound basis of what he teaches. He wrote this book years after Rolo Tape Reader, and it is one of his best.
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