Learning to Trade Emini Futures. Please Help

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Davis, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Davis


    Hello. I just joined this site and would like to get information on learning to day trade Emini SP 500 and Nasdaq Futures. I opened a Roth IRA about two years ago with $6500 and have slowly built it into about $60,000. This is from trading options but now I would like to learn how to day trade the Emini futures. I have started searching the internet on advice about day trading and it seems everyone is trying to sell a system or a book, but I have no idea on who has the best information out there. As mentioned I am trading some now so I am not looking for a book the gives basic information but instead gets into the details about learning to day trading futures. I was hoping traders on this forum can give me good advice on what books to read and / or web sites to sign up with, so I can best learn about day trading futures. Thank you in advance for your advice
  2. i suggest you learn trading either the daily or 4 h charts before you venture into day trading.
    from options to day trading futures is like moving from earth to mars....your chance of survival is nil
    day trading is the most competitive and the market can do anything and i mean absolutely anything, just designed to make you forget your correct position or just shake you out
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  3. Suggest you keep doing what you've been and forget the ES.
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  4. Robert Morse

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    We can offer futures for IRAs as long as they are open with a self directed IRA company like Midland IRA.

  5. Xela


    Why?! I'm absolutely baffled: why does someone who has traded a small account over two years, and seen it grow more than nine-fold in that time, want to do something different from what he's been doing so far?! :wtf: o_O
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  6. Ditto.

    There aren't many "market trading methods" that work big time. If you're onto one, work it.

    (The grass isn't necessarily greener over yonder.)
  7. Davis


    The reason that I am looking to day trade is because the way I trade options is with major trends and for the last few months we how been in a whipsaw sideways market. I was looking to learn day trading so I could make 1 or 2 trades a day and profit from the intraday stock trends..
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  8. wrbtrader


    You started this thread in the "index futures" section and then you specifically stated you want to learn how to day trade the Emini futures.

    Now you're saying learn day trading so I could make 1 or 2 trades a day and profit from the intraday stock trends.

    You interested in day trading stocks or day trading futures ???

    Have you researched Amazon and read the ratings of the recommended books ???



    Yet, considering you're already here at the forum. I highly recommend you just use the search feature in the upper right corner to find book titles that others are recommending here at the forum.

    Although, I recommend you learn how to be patient, sit tight, do nothing and wait for the whipsaws (sideways markets) in your options plays start trending again. Strangely, some ET members recently talked about the "trends" currently occurring in options plays.

    In fact, I consider successful trading involving one particular discipline called being patient and only trade when markets are suitable for trading. Stick with your profitable options strategy/trading because I alreay know not every thing in options are currently whipsaw based upon what others are saying here at the ET forum.

    Last of all, do your own research about recommended books especially sites like Amazon, forums, Google have excellent "search features" about something that has already been shared hundreds of times.

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  9. because 900% in 2 years is for him 'very slowly'
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  10. maxinger


    This is strange ....

    you opened a Roth IRA about two years ago with $6500 and have slowly built it into about $60,000.
    That is very good! you already got the holy grail so why change your holy grail to make it unholy grail?

    you have increased $6500 to $60k in 2 years.
    So simply use the same system, increase your lot size and
    you can probably increase that

    $60k to $ 600 k in another 2 years etc etc etc.
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