Learning to Trade and Get Laid

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  1. In my experience an "intuitive" trade entry is on a par with approaching a pretty lady in a bar and inquiring "Would you like to fuck?" Both have low expectation. What seems to work much better is to take a risk when price and volume, and women, scream "Please fuck me!" That's really all I have to say. Other than that I win at trading more than I get laid.
  2. excellent!
  3. Both have low expectation but very different payoff.

    She can at worst slap you or(if you're drunk) turn out to be a distant cousin, but cant spoil any prev bedding memories. In trading one bad mistake may wipe out months of profit.
  4. or she could accuse you of rape and you end up spending a couple of years being somebody's girlfriend in prison. :D
  5. OK thats enough scary :D I've never heard from friends tho
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    at least he'd get laid more :D
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    context is king in both scenarios.
  8. One one hand if you were long a position you would fear it going down on you, while thoughts of bar babe you would be very excited
    at her going down.
    Unless of course she is a 12 pack princess and your not sure what the hell is happening much like a bad trade.

    If you are short a position, then you are in trouble with her especially if it goes down. Only a trade would work well in this case.

    Although . . . when the long position gets up and takes off there would be great excitement
    while on the other hand if she got up and took off maybe you should have washed your balls.
  9. LOL, I like it.

    Its true, every now and then a girl screams "please fuck me" and the market screams "trade me now!"

    Its the patience part that needs to be mastered.

    Good one.