Learning to day trade, while in university?

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  1. I’m 19 years old and right now I am in university, but also continuing to learn how to day trade. Anyone else out there trying to day trade while in school?

    Iv been learning non-stop since I was 17, and have a very good trader teach me the ropes for over a year now. This will be my second year at university...I’m getting my degree so if trading fails me; I will have a degree to fall back on.

    I want to know how you university people continue to learn how to day trade while in school, and plan on day trading after school...???
  2. no one here is learning to trade while in university?
  3. I am in graduate school and learning to trade. I do not have a mentor but then again I have so little time avaiable that at this stage of the game it would be hard to have a full time mentor. I would like someone to kind of bounce the days or weeks activity off of and to have a meaningful discussion on trading with. It seems that of the people I know there is not really anyone to talk about trading with much less anyone who actually makes a living doing this. Hopefully when I finish I will have an account large enough to pay my student loans and still grow. If I can maintain my current pace without too many hiccups I should easily acheive that. I will still work when I finish school at least for a couple of more years so that I can grow my account and then eventually trade full time with a masters to fall back on (I dont really intend on using it beyond a safety parachute). Now if my wife happens to land a good paying job I may enter full time trading a little sooner.

    I learn to trade by trading and reading everything I can. Just about 100% of my spare time is spent reading and researching the market and new trading ideas and strategies. Consequently my social life is rather non existant. My wife gripes about this sometimes but generally she understands what I am trying to accomplish (I think). I try not to let school suffer too much by not trading during times that I have major projects to do or exams. I tried that before and got burned pretty bad in both school and trading. It's pretty hard to recover from a double whammy like that but doable.

    Good luck to you in your endeavors and don't lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish and you should be ok.

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    I learned to trade while at SFSU. Just schedule your classes around trading hours.
  5. im a 3rd year CS student, going grad school soon. i do only swing trades. it doesnt effect me as much. if i was to day trade, i'm live in the west coast, market opens at 6:30. its the will of getting up that early matters.

  6. i started trading futures while at university, and got a job trading when i was done....welli started a business, and managed the treasury of the business in fx mkts anyways.........
    trade fx, its a 24hr mkt......i ususally traded the european session that starts around midnight.....
  7. full-time night shift worker here while atttending grad school as well. i day trade the eminis full time. if there is class conflict, i would just bring my laptop to class and trade in class. :p
  8. I would advise not to day trade, but try to increase your time frame of trade, such as swing trading, so that you don't have to follow the market every moment. Realistically, if you get a job you cannot keep your eye on the market like that anyway, unless you worked for yourself.
    Personally, I'm in graduate school getting my masters, and prefer to analyze the markets when they're closed. When in school, out of sight is hopefully out of mind.
  9. awesome... too bad my classrooms are not wired, not to mention wireless.

    my school is too tight

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    lilboy--You can always get an Air Card or hire a proxy to go to your classes and take notes for you.
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