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    I have heard lots of things about tape reading. But I cannot find any book or website that teaching it. Does anyone know where can I find more info about it? Thanks!
  2. Threei is your man for the tape reading game... he is a member here... read his stuff here and on siliconinvestor.com...
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    You can learn a lot just by watching. If you took a month and did not trade and just watched stocks and the indexes around key points, watch how moves occur that is very helpful and probably the best way to learn. For web sites I am only aware of Threei and Chris from www.realitytrader.com and they do a great job, you might want to check them out.

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    In addition to the beneficial books that eastside listed, Threei (Vadym) and I have our book due out in the next couple months titled Techniques of Tape Reading through McGraw-Hill.


    A few have posted comments about our tape reading infomation on the site also, so if you looked over it and had any questions, don't hesitate to PM me and I can answer them with specifics to tape reading.



  6. you might want to start a thread on this, and draw peoples' attention to this...

    oops, perhaps this thread is doing that....

    would like to see the chapter outline or an exerpt in the Amazon description page....
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    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to start a thread and follow it which would basically be just reposting information from the site (boring) anyway..which you can see by how many posts I have on this board in the last few years I'm unable to contribute much from time constraints...apologies. It's easier to answer specific questions as they come up and I feel like my 4 minutes would be worth it to the person asking the question.

    Due to agreements with McGraw-Hill, I can't put out details of the book content yet or other things, and Amazon just hasn't updated much of the information yet. I would assume by end of next month, all details will be available legally but don't hold me to it. The editing process is dynamic so who knows.
  8. If you need another editor....

    I'd like to see this book on the market and help answer so many questions that are being taught by expensive prop shops and word of mouth, with no one really getting the methods down pat.

    look forward to the book, and good trading
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