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  1. Hey may very well be wrong ... but I agree with'em.


    That's why I recommend the OP go to the pros to help him design and implement his methodology ... or else he's going to have to do a hell'uv a lot of work by himself (while losing a lot of time).


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  2. I'd recommend reading the alchemy of trading systems by Matthew Hanson, Ph.D.


    He specfically mentions that a Ph.D is a detriment to developing innovative and truly creative solutions to the trading system problem. I doubt the future of ones success in this industry has anything to do with logic, but more to do with creativity.

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  3. For almost all... I'd certainly agree.

    But (big but... :) ), It's all in the data and a shrewd person could derive the most profitable trading system without ever having one iota of trading experience.

    just my $.02,
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  4. bidask


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  5. Murray Ruggiero

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    The question is not if they can develop a system which looks good but will it continue to work in the future. This is the part which requires understanding the markets. I came to this industry in the late 1980's with a degree in physics astronomy and computer science and was not successful in developing systems that were robust until I understood the markets and did not treat it like a signal processing problem. When developing reliable trading systems it is all about the premise.
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  6. I love conversing with traders I can somewhat relate to. :)
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  7. rickty



    I have an early 33 page version of this book which was entitled "How to Design Your Own Trading System". I thought what he was saying was very basic.

    Do you think his finished book you mentioned above is worth getting? Does he actually go through the design of worthwhile system?
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    Learning to program has been on my mind for awhile. I got some useful tips from this thread. Can someone post some basic C++ programming examples. Ie buys , sells, etc.

    I would just like to see some basic working programming.

    newbie here
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  9. I don't think you really want to start with C++. Get your feet wet first. Try Python. Put it this way, it's a well respected language in the scientific community so you know it's robust. Easy to learn too. In fact I'm not aware of one better.
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  10. rickty, its simple but useful. The new version is 120 or so pages and for $13.00 from amazon you can't go wrong.

    He doesn't get into the details of indicators or anything, but I think for most real systems, if someone talks about run of the mill indicators in a trading system book I'd run the other way.

    His opinion is that system development is entirely psychological assuming you have tools in place to properly test your ideas. I think he's right.
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