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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by aragoona, May 11, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I been trying to learn price action. I work almost full time and attend school full time. From 9-5 (EST) im at work. Is there a website or small program I can install at my work computer to see a live ticker and maybe a mini chart in real time? Something small...i dont want my boss walking over and seeing I'm not fully working..lol. Any ideas? Oh btw, this is mainly for the YM. Thanks
  2. You can learn alot by this guy's nightly videos:

    He is the best teacher that I've come across and I always recommend everyone should check his nightly vids out.

    If you subscribe (free), he will answer your emails.

    For free real time charts:

    First, go to www.quotetracker.com and download the Quotetracker program. ITS FREE!

    Second, go to OptionsXpress.com and sign up for a FREE account.

    Third, launch quotetracker and enter you account info. from OptionsXpress in the upper menu asking for your quote source site.

    There you go.....
    Live quotes and really nice charts - even YM, ES and NQ futures!