Learning possibilites.

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  1. I have a collection of circumstances, situations and conditions that describe spaces where learning is not possible. I would appreciate any input from anyone on their views either academic or pragmatic. My interests more closely relate to trading than other endeavors but I welcome any topical input.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Well... here's a space:

    " "

    Wow... what a coincidence... I didn't think I'll post in this thread... Maybe I learned something between the time I read your post and the start of this reply...


    Rather sarcastic but seriously... something to think and realize that your list of BS is BS...

    OK, let me reword it...

    List of etc. etc. = Lack of self understanding... but....

    Can you actually determine why you do things to the full extent? 100% reasoning? Not assumption or empirical rationalism... Can you actually find cause to all action or thoughts you have? Is there and can there be a simple answer to "Why" you do things or realize things you do?

    If you can, you should consider yourself, unfortunate... You've lived a boring life probably locked up in the basement or you're just plain ol' stupid that your brain works in a linear matter.


    Or what? Are you trying to say you're some psychic or "special"? Or did something happen to you that makes you want to pump your self esteem?

    More than the content itself, I'm skeptic about your rather shallow and moronic intentions for starting this thread?
  3. HAHAHA YOU kill me WDGan... Have a good day today.. :D
  4. Moz


    For me it seems the commitment to learning has to be there for any progress to occur. My commitment is probably not up to snuff, but I have spent the last six months working in a purposeful way to get up to speed on the equities stuff. That work has created a situation where I think I can trade beginner pace trades with my emotions on the correct side of the trade and not inflamed. I really didn’t understand the inflamed meaning until I experienced the calmness of things progressing along as anticipated. I would really like to cement the place I’m in now so further mistakes can revert back to where I’m at.

    My commitment situation is half procrastination and half confusion. I procrastinate because I’m confused about the vast array of data to be gleaned and not being able to get a starting point to learn from. Reading high quality stuff gives me the inspiration to keep trying. The same high quality stuff has resulted in others showing up that provide further inspiration, and a place to start from. I try progress from point 1.

    The desire to learn does appear to be a daunting task, but the benefits of learning correctly loom just as large. I fear not learning correctly,as I would be unaware of the situation. But further progress demands working ahead.

    I presently feel a large sense of pressure to get sequences in order, I’ve started them twice but could not decide on differences between the paces. Some experience with the beginner pace I think has shown me a possible demarcation line to start from.

    I truly regret not being able to provide timely unique observations, to that I am indebted to the people working in a purposeful way to share theirs.

    Time to rethink my commitment.