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    Hey Guys - I have been trading Forex manually for the last two years with IB and I would like it to take it further to create an automated system using my trading plan.

    There is a lot of too much information out there and I find it hard to compile a learning path. Need your inputs to validate and provide any feedback. Everything listed below is new to me and planning to spend 2hrs/day on learning.

    Python. ( I am an ETL developer and have worked on Object-Oriented languages early in my career. Already started this step since it will help my career too)

    Backtesting :
    Backtrader. I am planning to go with backtrader for backtesting since it also offers live trading with IB.I trade only 4hr or Daily timeframe. Want to test extensively my strategy in lower timeframes. Explored Quantopian/quantconnect but I don't want to go with them since I would like to host/own my system.

    Live Trading
    Backtrader or create own system using IB API/Python.
    I would prefer to go with backtrader since I don't want to spend too much time on creating my system in the initial stages. Are there any limitations with backtrader that may warrant to better go with creating my system? I don't mind to go with IB API/Python if it gives more advantage than backtrader.

    This is my plan and I would appreciate if you can provide your feedback and give pointers to good online resources if you are aware of any.
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    Go with something off-the-shelf and only roll your own solution if you have the need, time and expertise to do so. If Backtrader looks like it will meet your requirements, create a quick prototype to try out.
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  3. Backtrader is good. Also try looking at Zipline and PyAlgoTrade. I would personally recommend Backtrader.

    Don't create from scratch because it's a waste of time unless you have the time or your strategy is fairly simple.
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  4. How many of you guys use backtrader to live trade? @MarketDiver
  5. I don't actually use for live trade.
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    I use NinjaTrader backtest, very powerful and not tied to any broker.
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  7. OK. My opinion is that you should not use backtrader. It's a great API, probably _the_ best. But it requires you to do so much outside of trading that you might as well write your own.
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  8. dozu888


    the only use of back testing, is to tell you what does NOT work.

    you cannot use back test to find strategies.
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    I believe Ninjatrader does not support forex trading with Interactive Brokers.Pls correct me If I am wrong.
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    Ok. Do you recommend any other platform/tool to live trade?
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