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  1. aazzz


    Anyone interested in signing up for one of the video courses in options education in the area? I have seen a number that have video online educational courses (or live) that is one price for one or two people. Presumably that would be for a spouse but they allow a second person (not a spouse).

    This would be education focusing on specific details and strategy rather than fundamental definitions and beginner materials that can be found in youtube or tdameritrade educational sources. If you are interested in splitting the cost (of at least a few hundred dollars), let me know. This would be for an online course (or possibly live if preferred) spanning several days. With time and the right person, it would be ideal to have a trading partner as well. There are no shortage of financial trading, options groups and events in the Bay Area as well.

    I am an engineer working in the area looking to step up an already existing intermediate level of options trading. In any case, drop me a line and lets chat if this sounds of interest!
  2. ETJ


    https://www.svog.org/ - as you said there are many - this group is worth a look and often attracts pretty talented guests.
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  3. MKTrader


    There's an options vendor in that area: http://sjoptions.com

    Not a recommendation, BTW. I looked into them a few years ago, but couldn't find any unbiased reviews...only testimonials on their website and YT.
  4. aazzz


    Thank you ETJ and MKTrader, I will check these out!
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  6. i used "option trading made easy" book and invested 15$ for that, did not really need any more training since started trading.
  7. ironchef


    @aazzz, since you are an engineer, instead of spending $ going to option trading classes, spend the $ buying the following books and study them thoroughly:

    1. Lawrence G. Mcmillan

    2. John C. Hull

    3. Colin Bennett

    4. If you are really good at maths: Tomas Bjork

    Then, program the option pricing models into your computer and start modeling the behaviors of options yourself.

    Good luck.