Learning Curve

Discussion in 'Trading' started by drobin, Jan 1, 2006.

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    How long do you think the learning curve is for a trader to consistantly make a profit trading (equities, futures, options)?:eek:
  2. (2) two too yars, mate

    If it doesn't happen by then, you've in a bad way,..... savy??
  3. FALSE .... you might enter the mkts during a long bull run and pick things up in just 6 months and start showing a profit.... thinking that you know how to trade.

    Or you may enter the mkts during a macro consolidation..... and it may take you more than 2 years to really "get it"

    Blessed are those who enter the mkts during non-trending times and survive.... for they will go on to reap $$$
  4. The learning curve is inversely proportional to how fast you think it will be.
  5. Speaking from an equities standpoint, I would say it takes anywhere from 6 months-1 1/2 years to start "earning". These numbers reflect traders who trade everyday and spend at least a couple hours everyday after the market closes going over their trades and researching for the following day. Learning from their mistakes and also their successes to see where they have to improve and also to see where they are strong. Lots of self evaluation.

    Profitable trading takes a good deal of time and also a lot of work. You have to learn how to play a game that is set up for most to fail.

  6. The learning curve is on-going. It never stops....


  7. I believe you need to keep forcing yourself to learn. Once/if you start profiting consistantly, you should continue to learn and dare i say experiment with other systems and ideas. Each system you trade will not always work, or at least not always work well enough to use.