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  1. Just annotating things in hope to better track what I'm doing, scold myself for lack of discipline.

    Simply following the trend.

    Feel free to ignore as I suck!

    Small Green Line(horizontal) = entry price
    Small Red Line(horizontal) = ISL or Initial Stop Loss
    Dotted Green Line = Long Entry
    Dotted Red Line = Short entry

    GL = Get Long
    GS = Get Short
    TRGLE = Triangle
    LL/LH, HH/HL = simply means trend type used to enter trade
  2. Redneck


    Food for Thought Sir


    Write down some very specific entry and exit rules (trade criteria)… Follow them, to the letter, till you can do it in your sleep.

    Then start relaxing the criteria – little bit by little bit… - I believe you’ll find the discipline follows you - even though in the end you have more leeway and opportunities to trade

    Takes time - but what doesn't

    Take Care
  3. Thank you sir!!

    I'm hoping that posting this daily will make me stick to this criteria and eventually it will become second nature.
  4. Thus far as of 11:08CST....two shorts. Both profitable.

    I do seem to be having trouble finding a better exit. This is something that screen time and experience will help with I am sure.

    There were many trades on the table. Trying to be patient and look for setups WITH THE TREND

    Of course if anyone has any insight or things I can do better, please post.

    Full Charts of the day to come later.

    But here is a teaser of what was done so far.
  5. Another attempt at attaching chart :)
  6. Refreshing air of honesty, here in ET land.
  7. Here are the trades for today.

    I think it's not a good day, even though it was a green day. I would like to capture more on a mega down day like today.

    The only trades actually taken are the two marked by the dottend red vertical lines.

    The rest are just observations I had during the day, and there were all in real time as they occured. All trades and observations based soley on price, no indicators.

    Any observations or questions please feel free to post.

  8. Here are the trades I took today.
  9. You keep going Long at the Tops and Going Short at the bottoms. :confused:
  10. I know, can't tell you how many times I've thought about trading the 'Costanza' strategy ala Seinfeld and placing trades contrary to my original thoughts.

    Even with that knowledge, I could deal with that portion as long as my losses are kept small as they are. Right now, I am not letting my winners run for me.

    The trade I took about 2:45EST, I captured less than 10% of that move. I have no desire to get all of every move, but I would be happier catching a larger portion of some of my trades.

    Open to any suggestions!

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