learning about behind the scenes of trading

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bananas, May 29, 2010.

  1. bananas


    Hello guys!

    i'm here with a different request than most people, i would assume.
    I know most members here are probably trading at home and not at any firm or company, but perhaps i can still get some help.

    I want to know the entire process of what happens with trades (any kind, currency, futures, etc) after they are put in. I am interested in learning and educating myself it means and what is involved in clearing, settling, margins, trade breaks, and other terms relating to "back office" items!

    I want to help myself get a job next year when i graduate so I want to prepare myself by having a good foundation of what goes on behind the scenes!

    thank you ladies and gents
  2. bananas


    hm.... that's quite a fat book.

    I was hoping there was some sites or something that could fill me in.

    but i guess i can check out this book.

  3. Redneck


    Fat and relatively small print (I bought it based on Boli’s suggestion – received it yesterday)

    Appears I’ll be reading this weekend, and for some time to come :)

    Thanks Boli

  4. You are welcome RN. Just don't hate me if you find Harris' book boring. :) I mean it talks about the structure in the sense of who is who and who is doing what. But it doesn't talk about the "price structure" where one can drill on to trade.

    bananas: you may need to do some Google searches to find topics of your interest. I am sure some of that is on the net but don't know if there is a website which has gathered them all.
  5. He gets the name of the best book available on this topic and it has too many pages. Pretty funny.
    Try www.cboe.com and www.nyse.com. Plenty of light reading there.