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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Krome, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Krome


    Hi all,

    Together with my partner we developed a trading simulator a few months back and decided to add a small game on top of it to help educating people to trading.

    The player goes from 1 level to the next learning a new key trading concept each time.

    Anyone interested in giving feedback? It's still early stage (so please don't distribute the URL yet), but there are plenty enough to have meaningful critics.

    Here is the url: http://hcg-partners.com/trade/

    Looking forward to any feedback
  2. It looks interesting. But, why require login with google account?
  3. Krome


    Hi 4PurposeLiving,

    Great question, you made me realize a mistake I made.

    Level progression needs to be tracked or you would have to restart from level 1 every time you play (There are more than 20 levels planned so far...), so an account needs to be created. Since I wanted the easiest experience ever, I use openid to bypass all the "create new account/confirm email..." annoyance.

    Any idea how to convey that better?
  4. Eight


    how do I start the environment? I clicked on the download link and extracted a file, neither is an .exe
  5. Krome


    Really? I just tried it again in case I screw up something but it seems to work just fine.

    The link download a .zip that do contain 2 files (TheGrid.exe, the client and Big.pak, the data like textures, sound and such)

    Here is the direct link just in case: http://hcg-partners.com/trade/thegrid.zip

    Let me know if you still have problem and do not hesitate to contact me directly: jchatel@gmail.com
  6. I don't mean this offensively...

    To be completely honest.. my first thoughts were:

    "Holy crap.. why do they want my email password... Phishing. .Run. "

    I don't mind so much (openID) if it's a well known company (Twitter, Youtube, etc). But, some company I've never heard of.. Red flags go up for me.

    Dunno.. maybe others don't mind.
  7. Krome


    Hi 4PurposeLiving,

    I don't find you offensive at all and I appreciate the honesty greatly.

    I think I have to put myself in someone else's shoes and I would be very suspicious too if it wasn't my site actually so I understand very well. No worries.

    I will offer both in the end. It's actually a hassle for me too to manage accounts.

    Thanks again for pointing this out to me.
  8. Krome


    Ok, my partner managed to develop the anonymous logon.

    In this case your stats are not saved, so it's just to try out. Thanks again for pointing this out!