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Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader1974, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. trader1974


    Trading is not for impatient people, trading is for people who know how to wait. A good trader never operates on impulse or gambling addiction. The good trader only operates when he has the maximum chance of things going well.
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  2. padutrader


    so you say a good trader is one who only takes high probability trades?

    there are many traders who take low probability trades but go for high reward. are they bad traders?

    i agree trading is a game of patience........but i am not a man of patience......
  3. gaussian



    Modern parlance for these people is "degenerate gambler".
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  4. dozu888


    most retail traders trade random noise... so low/high probability is a moot point.

    it still boils down to - people don't have an edge.
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  5. Most traders don't have an edge. I find that traders who've never had an edge make themselves feel better by saying edges don't exist. They also find comfort when other traders in the same situation unite with them in this kind of thinking. It's kind of like a group mental disorder or something...seen plenty of it on ET for almost 13 years now.
  6. tomorton


    Take time off from studying charts and learn to play chess well.
  7. guru


    Or learn to code.
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  8. trader1974


    Some say that it is the same to open long or short, I say that it is not true. It is very important to know the background trend in multiple timeframes.
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  9. EsKiller


    LOL. You are a complete retard is what you are. ET never fails to disappoint. I swear there's some hidden gems on this forum filled with great info, then there's idiots like this. But they are are the ones that fuel the entertainment part of the forum LOL.
  10. .sigma



    And look at less charts and more option chains.
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