Learn to use humans.

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    In this thread I will discuss possible methods to be used so one can use another person. I already know that you know most of this shit, I only post it to waste my time, and maybe to remind. In return you can contribute by posting possible ways or other examples that you know of.

    method #1:
    By creating a purpose or goal and displaying a possible path to reach that goal.

    example #1:
    a man meets an attractive women, she knows he desires to have sex with her, through her actions and words she then shows as if she is willing to have sex with him, but only if she has a good time with him that day, she then tells the man that she has seen a coat that she really likes, the man purchases the coat because he assumes if he buys the coat she will then in return sleep with him, but that is exactly what the women wanted the man to think, she now claims that she is not interested in him

    example #2:
    people like to have a respectful and good paying job, first and foremost they must be convinced that; to have a good job they must have the necessary knowledge and experience (never must they be told that connections is most important), second a specific method for achieving that knowledge is to be developed by you, and so to obtain that knowledge they have no choice but to go through your system (schools) and so pay you either with taxes or loans

    what we learn from example #1&2: It is best to first search and see what the other person already desires and struggles to achieve and create a custom path for them to achieve those goals, by having them go through the path, obviously based on their own choice, you will get what you want, and they will get what they wanted, maybe. And best of all they can't complain because you never promised anything.

    example #3:
    a man realizes that humans love to be promised good things and if they know they will truly receive it in the future they are willing to pay for it today, he then realizes that he does not have the necessary tools to fulfill the promise in the near future, (others goal would be to receive the promise in the future), he then thinks of how far he can set the promise off to, he keeps increasing the timeline in his mind, next he questions if the promise has to be set within a person's lifespan, he notices that humans have no true knowledge of what happens after death, and so he plans all his promises after death, and humans will walk his defined path today and willingly pay the price within their life period

    example #4:
    this example is similar to example #3, except that instead of giving an afterlife promise, the promise is made for a far-fetched future, they claim for the benefit of human generations, which could be your child or your grandson, an organization promises that humans will be traveling to space within the next 50 years, and paints a heaven like picture of life on mars. Most people happily pay higher taxes in hope that someday their children will live a happier life in space

    what we learn from example #3&4: humans are ridiculously stupid and will believe in any promise as long as it is impossible for their dumb brains to prove it wrong. You don't have to be rich and pay wages to have people working for you, give them promises so far away that they are not capable of comprehending properly and proving that it is not true for themselves. They might even die for you willingly.

    Another example that came to my mind is the lottery, if you ask a person to choose the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 for the lottery, he will assume you are crazy, and say there is no way that will win, but then he chooses numbers 8,16,24,36,48,12. The probability of either set being the winning numbers is equal. But since his numbers are mixed, his brain tells him that mixed=mixed, and because the lottery numbers are almost always mixed, he has a greater chance of winning, he then goes and prays to God, like every other lottery player. Anyhow my point is he is unable to comprehend how impossible it is for him to achieve it, and so long as he can't comprehend it he will be paying for it every week of his life.
  2. All variations of the carrot. On the flip side is the "stick".
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    yes, i clearly stated that this was only one suggestion just with various examples, also note that examples differ in that in one the promise is given verbally whereby in the other everything is set in a way that the person assumes if he does this and that he will get to what he wanted, self-promising empty promises :D
  4. What are our options? Lead or follow. Nothing new under the sun. Life has limits. I don't know.
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    I am not posting new ways of achieving anything, just stating the obvious. For instance since most of you are powerless you practice such methods on your children from time to time.

    method #2: labeling, judging a person and creating an image of a desirable person for him, making the star his hero to follow

    example #1: to get him off the couch, he calls his son a sloth, and then reminds him that spiderman (or any of his other heroes) is never found to be lazy, or else they wouldn't become super

    example #2: can be found in most religions, everyone is a sinner except him

    example #3: people can feel good about themselves, and so they can feel bad about themselves too, morals and ethics are created to give people a bad feeling about themselves when needed, a feeling of guilt that comes after not following them. some laws are very similar to morals, especially those that define what a person can do or not do in his personal life. Who are the heroes you ask, usually imaginary people who have been buried deep within your sub-consciousness, maybe during childhood when your parents read you tales of great heroes, movies you watched or people they talked to you about in school.
  6. Used in isolation of each other, the carrot is a limp wristed cousin of the stick.

    Mankind cannot be controlled by a carrot alone. But he can be controlled by only a stick. Always emphasize the stick.
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    I agree. Specially I agree with this part:

  8. Like God doesn't have time to answer some starving kid's prayer for a piece of bread but he might have time to rig the lottery for this guy.
  9. Here is how few are using millions…
  10. That is an excellent movie.
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