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  1. In order to reduce the number of threads I will post on this link only. If this one gets too long I will start another and drop this one.

    Stocks to watch tommorrow:
    Short: HMY, PDG, ACS, CTMI

    My favorite is MAG.

    Sorry for no charts. It would take days to copy these to my hard drive and upload them. But you can visit my homepage to see them.
  2. Are these swing trade picks, or strictly for day trading?

    -FastTrader :cool:
  3. Stocks to watch for what exactly!?

    Would be more useful if you gave us your outlook, entry price etc etc.
  4. Go to his page on stockcharts.com - he has been posting this info here for the past week. Most of the picks are spot on.

    Keep posting Gary.
  5. HMY looks especially bearish sitting under the 50DMA. Not much standing between it and the April lows.
  6. Camaguey


    A quick glance at CAL shows it in a somewhat tight range over a few days. Are you expecting an breakout tomorrow? Why up? Why tomorrow?

    If there's no explanation of the method behind these predictions, then we have an ORCL in our midst whose predictions should be directed to YHOO message board instead.

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    Ok, missed the web site. Will take a look. Seems like there's quite a bit here.
  8. They are for swing to position trades. They can be used for day trading the open also but they are not intended for that purpose.
  9. HMY, PDG, ACS, and CTMI are at the top of my list this morning. HMY and PDG may actually get a boost if equities fall.

    Entry points:

    HMY below 12.60
    PDG below 11.74
    ACS below 44.00
    CTMI below 16.75
  10. By the way, these are all shorts. Check my post above for longs.
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