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  1. Market Key Traders, a trading cooperative and educational service, is looking to expand its trading room with highly-motivated individuals with the desire and drive to learn the inner workings of the market. Members have access to the intimate details of our proven trading system, as well as a set of proprietary indicators you will find nowhere else in the world, all included in the membership fee of $199.00 a month. There are no additional charges, ever.

    The educational process begins with multiple months of passive learning, communicating with teachers and students in a VoIP classroom. New members will not actively trade for a minimum of three months after joining. During this time they will be taught risk-management strategies, how to make a proper entry on a purchase, and the ins and outs of scalping.

    Once the training staff has determined a new member has achieved the requisite skills necessary to begin trading, he or she will be introduced to the proprietary trading system and indicators we offer. These indicators are like nothing you will find anywhere else, and alone are well worth the price of membership. Once the new member has thoroughly integrated the trading system, he will be moved into the active trading voice room and become an active trader in the MKT trading room.

    What we are offering does not promise to make you a millionaire overnight. As with any education, much hard work must be invested before returns may be secured. Our trading philosophy, to use a baseball analogy, is one of base hits. Home runs come in time. We simply have a track record of making successful traders out of failed traders and those with no prior financial experience alike. What we offer is a long-term source of income - the life of a professional trader.

    We realize that we are not the first people to come on the internet promising to teach individuals how to make money in the stock market – and furthermore we realize that most of these promises never pan out. For this reason, to give prospective clients a window into exactly what we do, we have set up a streaming television channel at


    We stream live, daily M-F 9:30am – 4:00pm EST. Come watch Pinky, one of our newer members (having been a trader since only February) as he scalps the market with a high success rate. He will explain how he uses automatic stops to maintain low levels of risk and you can watch his methods for determining a proper entry. Then, if you like what you see, please head to:

    www.marketkeytraders.com and apply for membership.