Learn how to spell LOSER!

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  1. I have a huge pet peeve with nearly everyone on this board. I can't tell you how many times I am reading through a thread and I see someone talking about winners and loosers. Jesus F***ing Christ if you are gonna talk about losers at least learn how to spell it.

    Loose and Looser - tho opposite of tight and tighter.
    Loose - pronounced "loos"

    Lose and Loser - the opposite of win and winner.
    Lose - pronounced "looz"

    So for all of you who are spelling it looser, you are losers. Get it?!

    If you aren't making any money then you are a loser.

    If you are dating a ho then her pussy is loose.

    I am not really a dick for making all this up. I just copied it straight out of hooked on phonics. I know it's a little rough, but man foreigners and little kids sure do learn quickly from it.
  2. Glad to hear Hooked on Phonics worked for ya :D
  3. This is why this bored sucks now...along with there is only prolly a dozen people that post reguaraly on here. I honestly dont think theres been a good thread on this bored for a good 6 months. Did i spell everything write ;) hmm write or right...i better get hooked on phonics....hate to tell ya this buddy, but most of us just type fast when we post, and in short hand half the time. Its a message board not a damn english exam.
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    That's so FUNNY!!

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    Anybody wanna tackle contractions? :cool:
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    The looser who started this tread creatd it twice! Can a Mod delete one of um? ore botth of um.

    Howes mi spellin? OK fur ya? I luv huked on fonics! Wurked fur mi two.
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    also....please make sure you capitalize the beginning of each sentence. this really drives me nuts -- i don't understand why people can't do it. :D
  8. Well, not all hookers are loose, may be they are getting head shags, where you live:mad:
  9. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just hope my kid doesn't get that version of "Hooked on Phonics" at school

    and my 2 cents on the matter....

    to all you fucking "can't spell" loosers, lozers, loozers,
    if you can't spell, you can't make a point you morons ... and in the end that makes you most definitely a L-O-S-E-R.


    Thank you Joe! You put it so eloquently, dude.
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    :eek: :eek:
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