Learn Dogfighting!

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  1. ha

    people that participate should be shot in the knee caps.
  2. I once was taking care of a Riesenschnauzer, and was taking him for a walk in the woods, but before we came so far - just outside the gate of the house... When we went outside, another dog was "on his territory", and the Riesenschnauzer was with his collar, but not on leach. The other dog had no collar on, and the owner was passing through the neighbourhood.

    The riesenchnauzer stopped and looked from roughly 20m distance on each other, then they both ran towards each other. Me and the other owner ran after the dogs...

    Now, the problem was the other dog - because of its size... it was a Grand Dane - a veritable calf monster of a big dog.

    The great dane had the whole head of the riesenschnauzer inside his mouth and was not letting go, we tried pulling and forcing on the dog - but no avail... I punched the dog hard in its face, and then on his snout - now, the dog shifted his eyes and attention from the other dog and on me... that made me realize I better act soon, so I got the leach from the other owner - a retractable housing leach, and clipped around the neck of the grand dane making a noose... then I tossed that over a big branch and pulled hard - lifting the great dane on to its back legs - that was when the dog opened his mouth and let the riesenschnauzer go...

    Obviously, I let the other owner hold the leach and went inside with the riesenschnauzer and then went to the vet... a few puncture wounds on the skin of the skull for the riesenschnauzer and a small wound on the back, but he was ok - just some drain tube and antibiotics.

    But, I will never forget that stare and those eyes from that monster-huge dog following me around after I had punched it hard in the face... hehe, I'm sure glad the owner of that other dog never came around with that dog again - and never without a leach when I saw them from afar.

    Otherwise, dog-fighting is just silly for entertainment - sick, really.