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  1. Hey guys, sKaLpZ here.

    I'm offering a special forex teaching course for beginners for free so I have nothing for sale.

    The system (called KABIR) I trade produces phenomenal results on money exposed to the forex market.

    Very little risk and low drawdown.

    If you're a high-net worth private investor or have a company with a high-annual income, email me, let's talk.

  2. simsim


    why dont u post the sysem open to public when you are offering it for free
  3. ozzy


    1000% that's it? Not good enough for me. There's another poster on ET which said he can do 2500% I'm gonna go with him instead.


  4. Because he has nothing for sale. :D

  5. Bullshit does indeed baffle brains! :D

    If it produces 1000% per annum with low drawdowns, and you have nothing for sale, then trade it yourself.

    I reckon you'll be getting a call from MWD, C or GS very soon dude :p

    Things that make you go Hmmm.....
  6. Its only free for high net worth beginners:eek:
  7. I'm a little interested.. tell us more.
  8. Pay some attention to these words guys:

  9. No need to think bad of me, Simsim.

    I did try to post the forex learning course. That is why I started my journal in the first place.

    But Magna preferred I not teach the course, I presume because it may have been perceived that (a) broker, brokers, brokersss were going to be referenced.

    I am not exactly sure of the reasoning but had/have no reason to push a decision of a moderator on ET.

    You can read Magna's request on this page.

    If you don't like his decision, you're welcome to PM him about it because I have nothing further to do with it.

    I've tried to teach what I could in my journal without breaking any ET rules.

    Regarding the high-net worth "special" course offer, this is one-on-one live in person training for free.

    The reason I posted it this way is because I doubt that you or most people who may read this post would fly me half-way around the world (or wherever you or other readers live on the globe) to sit by your side and teach you forex trading unless you were well-capped.

    Hence, I've narrowed it down.

    If some of you guys who flame me would just read my journal instead maybe you'd learn how to trade better.

    Please, no more posting necessary on this thread. As I requested, if you are seriously interested please email me (not PM me). Thanks.

    Peace out,

    Gamal Saham Ruach
  10. I've been getting some email from people who just trade their beer money who are asking questions about KABIR. :D

    Let's divide this up a little here, guys, and clarify it if you don't mind.

    I have no problem helping anyone to better themselves in forex as a serious student of the market, like I am, and I've always done what I could since starting in the business over 2 years ago - that's not a concern.

    Though, this particular live one-on-one, in person training session applies only to HIGH-net worth people and companies: They're the only ones who stand to lose sums large enough to buy custom-made Bombardier Lear jets.

    Hope we're all on the same page now.

    For everyone else, I've got two journals going dedicated to beginner traders and you're welcome to post beginner questions on them and, of course, anyone can always email me with a beginner question(s).

    Kindest regards,

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