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  1. I was watching the infomercial last night. Has anyone tried this course? Any good or bad comments?

    I always wanted to learn spread trading but didn't know where to start. Another course is Joe Ross's spread trading course. Anyone tried that one? comments?
  2. I'm sorry, I know nothing about this course or spread trading for that matter. However, the word "infomercial" speaks volumes. I imagine that the only remaining frontier for trading courses and seminars is the "multi-level marketing" route. Only when that channel of distribution is exploited will the hucksters have truly outdone themselves.
  3. On what network did you see this infomercial?
  4. I bought this course from the informerical over a year ago. I was ready to get suckered but after buying I found that its the hands down best system ever. I have been able to generate over 10k every month with this system. I cant believe how easy it is! I trade part time and when I trade I have my laundry in my hands or dishes that I'm cleaning. By with spread trading I can make an incredible salary and yet still have time for my family and friends. I only put on a couple of trades per day and the money comes pouring in! I do only 1 hour of research per week in total to acheive this incredible results with spread trading. What a terrific product.

    P.S. Get real this course is a scam!
  5. You sold me:D
  6. Spreading is a great way to make a living. Yield curve spreaders can easily make seven figures per years. And with entry of EUREX US other, cheaper, opportunities are going to present themselves.

    But there's all kinds of opportunities, Oils, Grains, Meats, Time, New Crop/Old Crop, FX, Options etc...etc..

    But you don't need some dillhole in a shiny suit to teach you. If you buy a book or attend a class at one the exchanges you'll be much better off in the long run. It'll be much cheaper too.

    Dr. Zhivodka
  7. Spreading is the real deal. But there is no need to shill out for a course ... spreading has been around for ages and information is widely available.
  8. Dr. Zhivodka, which book? which event? Please be more specific?
    Same to others.
  9. Any comments on the optionetics video courses?
  10. Cutten


    I don't recommend Joe Ross.

    Courtney Smith's "Futures Spread Trading" is a reasonable introduction. He doesn't try to sell any BS or pretend that you can just jump in and make easy money, he just explains the basics of what drives spread prices and how you might go about trying to trade them. He has also worked in the industry for many years, so at least has some credibility (although that doesn't mean he can trade spreads well).

    Beware of anyone marketing a get rich quick system, or even a "steady income with little risk" system. You learn about spreads the same way you learn about anything else in the markets - sit down and watch them day after day, week after week, month after month. Out of market hours, read everything you can about them, in books, internet articles, magazine features etc (be aware you won't find much, and a lot will be erroneous). Try to get employment with a firm or trader who trades spreads, and pick their brains. Learn the theory of fair value for spreads (mostly arbitrage value based on cost of carry, although for financials it is more complicated), and learn the fundamental factors that can make spreads blow in or out. Watch how spreads get out of line temporarily during the day due to order flow, watch how they come back. Watch very carefully those times when the spread blows out and *doesn't* come back. Then start trading with one lots, and do not increase your size until you have a few months of fairly consistent results.

    If you do all this, you might eventually be able to trade spreads profitably with reasonable risk. But you won't IMO learn it just by reading some course.
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