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  1. To all ET posters.

    I have a request.

    LEAPS is an acronym that stands for

    <b>L</b>ong Term <b>E</b>quity <b>A</b>ntici<b>P</b>ation <b>S</b>ecurity</b>.

    It has 5 letters, never 4.
    It is always capitalized.

    Is there any chance everyone will use the correct nomenclature for LEAPS?

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    no if I write leap most people know what I mean if I write HI5 most people will now I mean HIV. symantics
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  4. It is compelling for native English speakers to treat nouns that end in 'S' as plural.

    To me it is obvious that those who coined this acronym, were aware of that, even to the extent that they fiddled with it, as you indicated to include the "P," an interior consonant in the word "anticipation." Thus it becomes a homonym to the plural of the noun form of "leap," i.e. "leaps," capitalization notwithstanding.

    Otherwise, they would have named it "leas," which having no real antecedent in English would have been confusing to traders and other pundits.

    So I think it is OK to refer to one LEAPS contract as a "leap."

    This is very similar to the common usage of the acronym "snob". This comes from the latin, "sine nobilitate," meaning "without nobility" (pretending to be noble when you are not), or the British acronym "posh," meaning "Port Outbound, Starboard Home." This acronym refers to the practice of "snobs" (note the ad hoc pluralization) when they reserved passage to India via the Suez Canal, so they would not be exposed to the harsh Southern rays of the sun, being shadowed by the ship they were sailing in or out. In these cases, common usage has decapitalized them.

    Steve G

    PS. There is one very important singular noun that ends in s. It is "grits," a heavenly cereal made from limed corn, commonly eaten as a hot porridge, with or without cheese, througout the Southern states.
  5. I agree that it is LEAPS and should be typed as such, but what do you expect from average people when you consider we have a:

    - President of the country who has no experience running anything.

    - A Vice President who shoots hit mouth off angering just about every group in one way or another.

    - Senators and Congressmen who praise or bash bills without having read them.

    - Regulators who don't know anything and who continue to allow insider trading and other abuses to occur.

    - Supreme Court Nominees who feel all "White males" are stupid idiots and yet are apparently still headed to confirmation.

    - Polititions who don't have enough guts to stand up against all of the above.

    etc, etc.

    In other words the typing of LEAPS is pretty minor compared to other issues :)


  6. I am not offering support of the current Supreme Court nominee, my opinion on her is moot for the purposes of this board. On the other hand if you have some proof that she called “all white males” stupid, I suggest you get it in the hands of the appropriate people right away.

    Along the same lines if you have proof that regulators are willingly letting people trade on inside information or engaging in “other abuses” then I suggest you go right to the DOJ and forget the SEC / CFTC. Same goes for the proof you must have that those things are going on.

    Where I agree with you in that the use of leaps vs. LEAPS in thread on an internet forum is pretty inconsequential so I will continue to type the word or acronym as I feel; some of your statements are grossly off the mark. Then again this is the internet and everyone is rich, good looking and always beats the markets.
  7. The Summer doldrums are finally "getting" to you, huh, Mark? Labor Day isn't too far off. :cool:
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    I's promises to uses the S whens typings the words LEAP
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    Say LEAP 10 times fast.......

    then try and say LEAPS 10 times fast....

    haha... yeah.
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