LEAPS question

Discussion in 'Options' started by musclemoney, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a good book (or books) on LEAPS strategies, and education. Any recommendations are appreciated!

    A DVD series with actual instructors, examples outcomes, etc., would be even better!

    Thanks guys:)
  2. Nanook


    LEAPS: Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities: What They Area and How to use Them for Profit and Protection
    The LEAPS Strategist: 108 Proven Strategies for Increasing Investment & Trading Profits

    Personally, I have not read either book.

    Investopedia education website: LEAPS

    Other LEAPS info
  3. Thanks! I ordered the book by Roth, and will post a review on it.

    Does anyone here manage OPM using LEAPS? Most of my Clients are long-term, and I'm looking over several strategies at the moment. Could use some feedback, and ideas/opinions. Thanks!:)
  4. cdowis


    I have a BIDU Dec/Jan 380 call calendar. I sell a vertical against it each month, sorta a covered call.

    FWIW This is in my personal, retail account, not managed.