Leaning on large bids - a dangerous game

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by tripledtrader, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. So you just go around here advertising your site posting this useless info?
  2. It's not very often you see a million share order in anything anymore. I was curious to get some thoughts here. Wondering if any traders in here are still playing the leaning game, or particpated in this trade today?

    Secondly, my site sells NOTHING....so what am I really advertising? If it's useless info to you...sorry to waste your time, don't click the link.
  3. I don't have anything to add to this, except to say that the link is very interesting. wondering if anyone could profit by setting a short order right under the bid.
  4. andread



    So I shall assume this is for free? Especially the in-person trading seminars? That sounds really cool.
  5. I like your site; I do not want the mods to flag your articles as spam or advertising. The content is very good. And although I am not a manual trader, I enjoy the manual-trader perspective spin you put on things. It's very beautifully written, illustrated.

    Please dismiss the criticism from others. You do have some fans.
  6. Thanks clearinghouse, much appreciated.

    I do apologize if my link came off as spam, wasn't intended that way.
  7. Hi Andread. Call us stupid, but we have no plans to charge for anything at this time. We did a webinar on High Frequency Trading last month, and it was free as well.
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    I can't call you stupid for that, because you obviously want to charge something later. Even if I wanted to believe that those webinars are for free, I definitely can't believe that the in person seminars are.
    At least I appreciate the honesty.